Does Genetics Impact Your Fitness?

How your genetics can impact your fitness goals

Genetics will always play a role in your fitness

Struggling to see results after months of hitting the gym? It might not be due to a lack of effort, but in fact, it could be your genes. You can try out different workouts, adjust your diet, or even just work on portion control – no matter how hard you try; genetics are still going to play a role in your fitness.

This is because different genes contribute to different aspects of your body. Some genes contribute to your muscular power and aerobic fitness; others play a role in your body shape and size. While we can’t choose the genes that we’re born with, there are plenty of things that we can do to improve them.

How Genes Are Impactful

Most people who are concerned that genes are impacting their fitness want the answer to one question: how are these genes impacting my body and to what extent? This isn’t an easy question to answer and, given that your genes are hereditary, everyone is different.

Now, genes aside, let’s consider athletes for a moment. If we compare athletes to people who are deskbound, we can deduce that genes play a significant role in both groups of people. Typically, athletes have athleticism in their DNA, and similarly, deskbound individuals don’t – as a result, they aren’t in the best shape.
Thus, you shouldn’t let inherited genes discourage your fitness efforts.

How Genes Affect Your Body

Although not everyone is interested in fitness so that they can lose weight, it’s more common than not. One thing that most people aren’t aware of is that obesity tends to be hereditary – the rate of obesity being hereditary is as high as 70%. That being said, obesity can be managed through diet control and exercise. Similarly:

– Aerobic fitness is between 40-50% hereditary.

– Muscle endurance is about 45% hereditary.

– Muscle strength and mass are between 50-60% hereditary.

– Sporting abilities are about 66% hereditary.

Using this information, you’re able to put together a reliable plan to get in shape.

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Creating a Plan and Altering Your Habits

Exercise isn’t a “one-size fits all” activity. There are an endless number of exercises and, while some are proven to be more effective than others, different exercises can be more effective in some and less effective in others.
The same applies to diets – everyone’s body is different and different foods affect everyone differently. In fact, a recent study showed that more than 90% of “workout diets” aren’t ideal and won’t help you get into better shape.
If you take the time to analyse your genes and the lifestyle that you live, you can create a custom-tailored exercise schedule and a diet which is suitable for you. This is the best approach that you can take to living a healthier life.

Tailoring Your Workouts

Putting together a workout plan can be time-consuming but, after doing so a few times, you’ll have a better idea of what your body is capable of and what workouts are effective. Aspects such as how frequently you’re exercising, the pace you exercise at, how long your rests between exercises are, and how much of your workout is cardio, are all things which you should focus on. Each of these aspects can be used to create an effective exercise regime.

Obesity and Your Genes

As we mentioned above, genes can contribute to obesity. Recent research showed that 2 in every 3 people are overweight. Similar studies which have focussed on overweight individuals showed that after analysing their DNA, they had a different perspective on their weight.
On the other hand, those individuals who aren’t overweight (but who aren’t able to get the six-pack that they dream of) are missing out. If these people were to analyse their DNA, they’d undoubtedly be able to optimise their workouts and yield much better results than they currently are.
Even if you’re already in good shape, analysing your DNA could be what you need to reach your goal of having a six-pack finally. Never underestimate how powerful DNA analysis can be!

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