Did you know that DNA damage is reversible?

Repairing DNA impairment with a healthy diet

DNA and genetic expression

DNA is particularly relevant to the developmental process of humans because it carries genetic information. DNA performs an extensive variety of functions in humans. Given the importance of DNA to the development, survival, and reproduction of humans, it becomes clear that any alteration in the chemical structure of the DNA could have dire ramifications.

DNA plays a crucial role in the development and healing of humans. More so, humans DNA regulate the operation of the cardiovascular, cerebral and digestive system. Given the tremendous relevance of DNA, it becomes somewhat disturbing to know that the DNA is susceptible to chemical alteration which triggers impairment. Many factors can trigger modification of DNA. Some of the various factors include nutrition, unnecessary hassle, routine, emotional turmoil, and trauma. All of the elements mentioned above can accelerate physical and cerebral decline which is naturally prompted at a much slower pace when people get old.

Principal factors responsible for impaired DNA

One of the most effective ways to revitalise DNA is to avoid factors that are responsible for alteration of DNA. However, primary factors responsible for damaged DNA comprise the following:

  • Inaccuracies in DNA duplication: While DNA reproduction is a nearly perfect procedure, there are instances where errors happen. DNA duplication is an on-going process in every human. The process of DNA duplication is such that it is almost impossible for mistakes, however, there are instances where DNA polymerase attaches an incorrect base during duplication. If this is not self-corrected, it could result in dangerous mutations such cancer.
  • Problems while DNA transcription: When there is a problem with the transcription of DNA, it is expected that there will be dire ramifications in the areas of warding off infections and bodily rejuvenation. In simpler terms, DNA is responsible for the proper functioning of the body on a cellular level. However, transcription is responsible for ensuring that these duplicating DNAs can express themselves. DNA is copied into RNA which facilitates protein synthesis, development, and repair of tissues and a long list of related functions.
  • Free radical injures: Many scientists argue that while eating is meant to nourish the body and keep us alive, the same activity contributes significantly to ageing. Free radical damages are secondary products that are generated from metabolic processes in the human system (eating and breathing). These free radicals injure affects the proper functioning of cells which often translates into wrinkles, tiredness, and weakness.

In today’s world, our way of life and nutrition has provoked widespread genetic impairment which is directly responsible for the myriad of illnesses and conditions we endure.

Effective approach to DNA improvement

There are ways in which we can correct genetic impairments, and they encompass the following:

  • Consume an assortment of healthy food that is not refined or processed;
  • Consume diet with high quality protein;
  • Consume an assortment of zero starchy fruits and vegetables;
  • Ingest wholesome oil and fats;
  • Use aromatic plant as additives when cooking;
  • Consume plenty water and herbal tea;
  • Consume naturally cultivated crops;
  • Limit or refrain from ingesting refined sugars and carbohydrates;
  • Stay away from trans-fat and solidified oil that contains hydrogen.

It is important to note that ingesting refined sugars has a very harmful effect on your DNA. This mainly because sugars and carbohydrates are digested at an accelerated pace, and the rate of digestion becomes even faster when it is refined sugar. Hence there is a rapid entry of glucose in your blood which alters your chemical balance while provoking the production of insulin to synthesise it. Excessive insulin reverses the entire process while changing your chemical balance significantly for the second time in a very short while. This happens in an attempt to normalise blood sugar. This volatile chemical situation created by intake of refined sugars can have a dire effect on hormones with synergistic effects on your DNA.

In addition to those mentioned above, a refined diet should be minimised and avoided at all cost. Refined diet is very damaging to the body with a negative impact on your DNA. Diabetes, cardiovascular complications, digestive problems, and cancer are some of the many complications that can emerge from consumption of refined food.

The interaction between diet, strain and mood disorders such as stress and depression

It is imperative that our genes get adequate nutrition because this is pivotal to alleviating strain, melancholy and a variety of mood ailments. There is a connection between your hormonal state and your genetic function. When you engage in strenuous activities, your hormonal state in altered thus provoking a concomitant alteration of genetic function.

Some of the ramifications of frequent alteration gene functions are heightened vulnerability to mood maladies, a rapid decline of brain cells, tension-prompted sicknesses and cardiovascular complications. Excessive strain, hereditary factors, diet and chemical imbalances can lessen the effectiveness of folic acid breakdown which provokes ineffective removal of bodily waste, heightens proportions of homocysteine and hurts DNA repair. This chain of event is a recipe for moderate to severe depression.

Furthermore, errors with gene duplication which results in gene mutation may heighten vulnerability to mood disorders.
The pathway to a healthy and vibrant life is to eat natural and organic food while avoiding excessive strenuous activities. In like fashion, adequate ingestion of protein is imperative for the wellbeing.

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