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The mission of New Life genetics

At New Life Genetics we want to improve the quality of life for everyone.

We desire to find information that is going to allow every person to live a longer, healthier, and overall better life. Taking a comprehensive look at the person, along with all the information that is found in the DNA will enable us to shape the health of every person consciously. We want to share a tool that will enable everyone to learn more about themselves than they ever knew before.

Human beings have genes that can to hold the answers to some of the greatest problems, medical mysteries, and challenges of all time. We at New Life Genetics focus on solutions that may reveal more information and insight into the human condition.

Extreme magnification of a human gene - New Life Genetics

Our knowledgebase is made up of the hundreds of DNA genetic sequences, that which have been published by scientists all over the world, including the United International Database, and the NCBI GenBank. Our lab uses the only state of the art technology, which enables us to obtain a sequence of any DNA fragment from human genomes.

The New Life Genetics lab team consists of scientists who specialise in nutrigenetics, genetics, health, sport, nutrition and nutrigenomics, dietetics and human nutrition. This unique cooperation between biotechnology, genetics and dietetics has led to the creation of the foremost leading health concept, New Life Genetics.

New DNA string - Gene string



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