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Why you should do a DNA test

Through your genetics, you can learn how your DNA may affect your life in many different ways. By knowing your genetics and genetic potential, it is now possible to reduce risk factors and enhance your genes in many ways, even through small changes in lifestyle and food choices.

By knowing more about your DNA, you may be able to take steps towards changing issues in your life to enhance your health and wellbeing. Genetic testing provides a range of benefits such as:

  • Insights into your general health
  • Indications of how to become stronger and healthier
  • Information regarding your potential in ageing and anti-ageing
  • How to obtain an overall and better sense of wellbeing
  • Discover new skills and talents “hidden” in your DNA
  • Learn how to manage stress, and learn how much it affects your health
  • How your sporting activities and workouts suit your genotype, and how to enhance your performance

Today many people are seeking help and advice from different specialists; nutritionists, healers etc. But because that we all are different, almost any advice will be based on general experience and knowledge working on an average of us all. With true insight into your genetics, many of these general “beliefs” can now be changed to facts.

We are all unique and can change our lives with the knowledge we now have available to us through personal genetic testing.

By investing in any of the New Life Genetics DNA tests, you are taking the first vital step to change your life, and you can do so knowing that the changes are beneficial to you.

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Why make a genetic test for health and life



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