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DNA-testing testimonials

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Jacky Holland Review dnafitness test for Newlife Genetics

Jacky Eijk   Jacky Eijk Holland reviewing her Fitness & Sport DNA test online

Sales, Holland

DNA-test: Sport & Fitness DNA-test for women

I have always been a gym bunny, I like to push myself and improve every year round, until last year when I was in good shape ready to start the summer, I got very bad bloating problems. I had no idea where it came from because I never experienced this problem, maybe just once in a while like all women do but this time it was different!

I’ve been to doctors, done tests and have changed my foods over and over again and the problem always came back! Just up until a few months ago I was suffering from this problem, but when I did the new life genetics test It has changed my outlook on food and training! Instead of guessing how your body works, it just says it straight forward on a few pages! I’ve changed some food habits that the test suggested me to do and changed my outlook on cardio as well as I used to be miss number 1 cardio queen! Instead of doing hours and hours of sweating on a treadmill, I just had to change to 8 minutes sprints in the morning, and then the weight is dropping off me!

Same as for my diet, I was used to high protein, and low carbs diet as that is a common way, but instead, my genotype suggests the other way round, high carbs and lower protein! Since I’ve been doing this, my bloating got less and also started to see my abs again! The test will give you more info than just how to lose weight but, this was the important factor me and motivation to do the test! I think it’s a great investment; it might sound like a lot of money but, if you think what you get back it, it’s nothing because it’s about you and your health! So for anyone who is doubting, please don’t and just do it because it helped me out with my problems, so I’m confident it will help you too!  

Jacky Eijk

European champion Ewa Zegan reviewing her personal genetic testing

Ewa Zegan   Ewa Zegan DNA testing testimonial

Former IFBB EUROPEAN Bikini FitnessChampion,
Certified Personal Trainer & Online Coach
Fitness Model

Ewa Zegan genetic test onlineDNA-test: Women’s Sport & Fitness DNA test

As a professional sports person, I can not describe how fantastic the genetic fitness test is. I wish I could have done this kind of test earlier when I was preparing myself for bikini fitness competitions. One of the important part for me was seeing how my body reacted to carbohydrates and of course to see the easiest way to build my muscle mass. In the test result, I confirmed that I need to control the levels of vit. D in my body; all women in my family have a problem with low levels of this vitamin. Worth all the money!

All my best wishes, Ewa Zegan

Clara Ramirez ES Spain - DNA test

Clara Ramirez   Clara Spain review of her genetic testing

Masseuse, Spain.

DNA test: Sport & Fitness DNA test for women

For a long time I tried so many different diets and all kinds of workout programs, and they  just wouldn’t work for me. I know that with age and after two pregnancies I need some more help than just dieting to get back into shape. When I saw the Sport & Fitness DNA test, I decide to give it one last chance. It was making real sense for me to eat and work out according to my genotype. Now, after one month I’ve lost 5,5kg fat and gained about 1kg of muscle mass. I also got some information that I can use for the rest of my life. It works for me.

Michael Tonnisen. DK Denmark reviewing his genetic test

Michael Tonnisen   Michael Tonnisen reviewing his DNA test online

System Developer, Denmark

DNA-test: Sport & Fitness DNA test for men

From the fitness test result I learned a lot about what to eat to gain weight and live healthier, which was a problem all my life. After a couple of weeks of following the recommendations from the test, I also got a big boost in my energy levels. I think that one of the best things I learned was the way I should train biceps/triceps in the gym, which was the opposite of what I thought I should do. I found so much valuable information about my body. I will definitely recommend it for everybody.

Tanja Abildskov Denmark Reviewing dna test for kids

Tanja Abildskov   Tanja Abildskov Danish Review

Public service, Denmark

DNA-test: Baby and kids DNA test

It was such relief getting the result of my son test. I am struggling in my life with gluten allergy without knowing about it for a long time, so I want to know if he has the same problem. Gluten allergy is in my family so there was a significant risk that my child would have it as well. I know how important is to find out early if you have that kind of allergy. Thank you, New Life Genetics!


Anna Mintrega Denmark review of her DNA test online

Anna Mintrega   Anna Mintrega gene test review


DNA-test: Skin & Acne DNA-test

Since I was a teenager I’ve had skin problems so when I saw that there was a possibility to check my genetics in that area I did not even debate whether I should do it or not. After getting the test results, I found out that my body has problems with the metabolism of some important vitamins which have an impact on my skin condition. I also learned what kind of compounds my cosmetics should have and how to take care of my skin. Great experience.

Beata Kowalska Poland. Child and baby DNA testing review

Beata Kowalska


DNA-test: Kid & Baby DNA-test

I got the test for my baby girl as a gift from the family member for her 1st birthday. That was the best gift I could wish for my child as a mother. Our child is sick very often, and now we know that the problem it is her immune system. We got fantastic guidelines on how to improve her immune system. I checked this with her GP just to be sure, and he said that there is nothing more to add and we should follow the instructions from the test result. From the same test, we found out that her genotype has fragile enamel which will lead to a lot of tooth problems if we do not take care of them in the appropriate way. We also discovered that our girl inherited from me an increased risk of allergies, asthma and atopic dermatitis. I’ve had a lot of health problems all my life because my parents could not find out early enough to eliminate some problems. From my experience, as a mum, I would definitely recommend this test to all parents. Health is the best gift you can give to your beloved child.   Beata K.

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