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New Life Genetics provides state of the art technology and knowledge, developed by our scientists. Cutting edge technology, allows us to read the nucleotide sequence from any place in the human genome, which makes the whole process even more secure, flexible and innovative.

The genetic markers we use in our surveys are validated by thousands of scientific database publications produced on the basis of results obtained in the leading scientific centres of the world. Our knowledge is continuously updated in line with the latest scientific achievements and combined with our private lab studies.

As we are dedicated and fascinated by the development of science, we want our customers to immediately enjoy the benefits of our constant development of knowledge in the human genetics.

DNA testing laboratorie for New Life Genetic

Laboratory DNA testing process

Newest DNA isolation process

DNA isolation

During this process, we cut the tip of the smearing stick and put it into special liquid – our authorial solution. The liquid removes all expendable elements (cell’s components, proteins, and others) while leaving only DNA. The sample is incubated in a so-called thermomixer, which shakes the sample at a stable temperature. In the following stages of DNA isolation, we use centrifugal machines and obtain a pure sample of DNA ready for successive marking. DNA isolation is performed under a special laminar chamber that isolates the whole process from the rest of the laboratory.

DNA multiplication process

DNA multiplication

Depending on the chosen test we compose a special mixture in which only desirable genetic markers are being typed. Mixtures are made up by us in a way that prevents multiplication of DNA fragments that were not designed to be typed, making sure that we type only the section chosen by our patient. Tests are run in many test tubes equivalent to genetic markers, so every marker has its own testing tube. Mixture preparation is also done under the special laminar chamber, but not under the same one that we make DNA isolations. DNA strains are then multiplied to millions of copies in a thermocycler machine. Each one of them is then being placed in a separate test tube of 0,2ml capacity.

New standard in DNA electrophoresis processing

DNA electrophoresis

At this stage of the test, multiplied DNA is separated on so-called agar gel. This stage aims is to check if in previously prepared mixtures a reaction has occurred. DNA is observed using transilluminators and intercalating agents.

Genetics DNA sequencing process

DNA sequencing

Once again we perform DNA multiplication, but this time using other reagents. Thanks to them we can read DNA sequence. This stage is done in a device called DNA analyser, in which patient’s samples are separated into very thin conduits called capillaries. At their ends, there are detectors spotting single DNA nucleotides (A, T, C and G). Reading is then interpreted under set procedures.

DNA processing - genetic marker variation reading process

Genetic marker variation reading

Reading is done by DNA analyzer and verified at least twice by the laboratory labourers. Only after this verification labourers confirm it in computer laboratory system.

New age Genetics test lab for New Life Genetics

State of the art – Genetics test lab facilities.

We extract a full DNA sample from each of the two swab tubes we require from all our DNA tests. We do this to assure that the genetic material is not contaminated, and the DNA extracted is identical from each swab tube.

Genetics test lab progress
Human Genetics test lab - New Lfei Genetics facilities

In the case that the DNA cannot be read, or is damaged in any part, we start all over and redo all the extraction and sequencing.

Accredited ISO 17025 certified laboratory

ISO 17025 accredited QC test laboratory

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