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How to do a DNA test

How to perform a non.invasive DNA test for home use

Easy and non-invasive

Performing a DNA saliva test is very easy and completely painless. All our test kits come with a ‘how to’ guide like the one you can see on this page. Simply follow the steps: you cannot go wrong.

Please read the full instructions carefully before starting.

DNA Saliva testing and what not to do before testing


Do not eat, drink, smoke, chew gum or brush your teeth for 30 minutes before collecting your samples.
Remember immediately before you perform the swab tests, gently rinse your mouth with pure water for a few seconds.

How to register my DNA test online

Register your DNA test kit

Go to and enter the unique test kit number located on the test set and tubes.
Note: If you do not register the test set, the lab will not accept it.

Protect your hand with gloves before performing the DNA test at home

Put on the gloves

Before starting to do the swab test, wash both hands, and put on the gloves included in the test kit. After you have done this, do not to touch anything except the kit.

To do the DNA Saliva sample, open the first genetest swab tube

Open the first swab tube

Open one tube only. Remove the swab stick and collect the first sample immediately.
Note: Do not touch the tip of the swab with your hands or clothing, or place the open swab on any surfaces.

How to do the home saliva mouth swab test

Collect the first sample

Insert the tip of the swab into your mouth; gently and firmly rub and rotate it on the inside of both cheeks for around one 1 minute.
Note: Do not use excessive force, as the swab can break.

Use of the DNA Saliva swabtest tube

Close the first swab tube

Immediately after rubbing the swab inside your cheeks, put the swab stick back into the tube and close it tightly. The swab stick must not touch anything else.

Saliva DNAtesting tube two

Repeat with the second swab test

Follow the same steps with the second swab test. We always do two swaps to ensure we are testing the correct genetic material.

How to return the DNA Saliva test shipping the tubes for testing

Pack up the swab tubes

Place the two swab tubes in the clear zipper bag enclosed in your test kit, and close it tightly. Then put the two bagged tubes into the prepaid return envelope and close it.

Please do NOT return the test kit box.

Mail the DNA Saliva test kit tubes in the prepaid return envelope

Post the test kit

Post it through you national postal service. (Mailbox or at your local post office) Please post it within 24 hours after the test is performed.

Note: It may be impossible to extract useful DNA material for proper testing if:

  • the swabs are contaminated with other DNA material due to careless handling
  • you ate, drank, smoked, chewed gum or brushed your teeth less than 30 minutes before collecting your samples.

If you have not followed the instructions-, we can offer no warranty or free replacement kit.

The DNA test kit contains:

two swab tubes
one pair of gloves
test instructions
the prepaid return envelope
personal DNA test kit ID

How to do a dna test - New Life Genetics technology

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