Home DNA Kits Tops Global Consumer Trends for 2018

Interesting Trends for 2018

DNA Testing is Number 4 in Consumer Trends Ranking

Each year, consumer behaviour changes according to the trends for the year. Thanks to a stronger global economy, 2018’s consumer spending is forecasted to grow, as consumers continue to engage in issues that matter most to them. According to Euromonitor International’s “Consumer Trends for 2018” report, people are very interested in their genetics as personally DNA test kits becoming a global consumer trend for the year.

Home DNA test kits New consumer trends 2018 from Euromonitor Internationals

Growing interest in home DNA test kits

People are curious about their genetic makeup and want to know what makes them so unique, which is what’s fuelling the interest in home DNA kits. Consumers are either worried about their origins as it relates to their health, curious about their genetics or looking for answers to help them with their health goals. The new generation of home DNA kits is convenient and easy to use, with a simple saliva sample sent into a designated lab. And then a few weeks waiting period to get back results.

New Life Genetics is one of the specialised companies offering home DNA kits, specialising in a variety of kit options for; consumers who want to learn more about their genetic makeup. New Life Genetics goes beyond and offers testing kits for acne and skin, allergies, sports and fitness for both men and women, obesity and weight management, stress, talent and more.

Home DNA tests can provide detailed answers

DNA testing is today a cost-effective way to obtain deeper insights into your overall health and wellbeing. For those trying to become stronger and healthier, fitness tests allow them to gain more in-depth knowledge on how to reach their goals. And they can also provide critical information when it comes to anti-ageing! These innovative tests can help you discover new skills and talents that are hidden in your DNA while enhancing your performance on many levels.

These days, people are looking for help and advice from all sorts of different specialists like nutritionists and doctors, but the costs do add up. Home DNA tests can provide detailed answers at a fraction of the cost. Everyone is unique, and with all the knowledge genetic testing grants us, we’ll be able to have concrete answers to some of our most significant questions. By investing in one of New Life Genetics DNA tests, you’re taking the first vital step to changing your life for the better, thanks to the knowledge your DNA will provide!

Home DNA kits new world trend 2018

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