Do you know why stress is not favourable for weight loss?

Weight loss and stress

How stress can ruin your diet

Weight loss is one of the most popular and the least abided resolutions. Although sometimes it’s not entirely our fault. What should we do when, despite all of our hard efforts, the scale won’t even budge? The reason for that might be excessive stress!

“Stress eating” doesn’t help

Stress combined with a fat diet is the murder of a slim figure. “Stress eating” is not a good idea. People who are stressed burn significantly fewer calories, which might result in increased weight.

Stress reduces the calories we burn

A study conducted on women revealed that the ones who were stressed out burned up to 104 calories less within 7 hours after a meal containing 960 calories and 60 grams of fat. It’s worth noting that the meal didn’t cover even half of the average daily dose of energy required by our bodies. Which means that the daily energy requirement could be lower by up to 10% for stressed individuals. In result, we could gain at least five excessive kilograms each year.

A stressed-out body stores fats and sugars

Everything is thanks to the metabolism of sugars and fats. Stress causes the release of a higher amount of insulin, which encourages the body to store sugars and reduce the level of glucose in the blood. This creates the feeling of hunger and usually ends with reaching for some extra calories. Furthermore, the metabolism of fats is also reduced, which leads to difficulties when gaining energy from this source, and thus it’s harder to burn calories. Stress and obesity often go hand in hand. People exposed to the action of stressors may have a higher risk of developing obesity. In the most extreme cases, stress can lead to a heart attack. In such cases, significantly triglycerides are released into the blood, which increases the risk of diseases affecting the circulatory system.

Rest is the most important

A single conclusion comes to mind – a diet and sport alone are not enough for effective weight loss. Sometimes we must simply slow down. Mental rest is crucial for our health and body weight. Therefore, it’s important to relax, preferably actively, as it’ll bring significant advantages for our corpulence, heart, and mind.

Changing the diet helps

We’re not able to avoid stressful situations every time. When stressed, most people lean towards more fat and high-calorie foods. To minimalise the negative impact of stress on our body weight, we should reach for healthier, less calorie heavy products. That is why we must take care of the contents of our refrigerators, to avoid reaching for accessible, unhealthy food when stressed.

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