Are there any benefits of taking vitamins?

Exploring the relevance of vitamins

Interesting facts about vitamins

Irrespective of the fact that many nutritionists claim that vitamins are not essential for most individuals, vitamins has engendered a lot of conversation.

Circulations of The Journal of Nutrition revealed the annual expenditure on vitamins to be a whopping $30 billion in the United States alone. Given the lucrativeness of Vitamins, it becomes crucial to investigate whether vitamins are actually beneficial or if it merely constitutes worthless spending.

At this juncture, you must be wondering if it is advisable to dabble in the Vitamins business. Also, you would like to know if there are any benefits of taking vitamins. Contained below are essential facts on Vitamins that will help shed light on the matter.

While not everyone requires vitamin supplementation, some groups of people may need that.
For instance, there have been plenty of folic acid advocacies for females that are about to be pregnant and for women that are pregnant already. Interestingly, plenty scientific investigations exist to corroborate the importance of folic acid before, during and after pregnancy. Folic acid reduces the chances of babies having cerebral and neural deformities.

Iron is highly recommended for women who just put to bed as an effective therapy to rejuvenate blood after child delivery. Similarly, an iron supplement is imperative for anaemic individuals.

It is quite common to find a good number of grown-ups with a shortage of B12 with the most affected groups being vegetarians and vegans.
Getting a meal that is a good source of Vitamin D can be challenging. When you consider the importance of Vitamin D and the upshots associated with the shortage, it becomes somewhat imperative to augment with Vitamin D supplement. This situation can be exacerbated further when an individual is always in a sheltered environment. Without exposure to sunlight which is the natural source of Vitamin D, the need for supplementation becomes an absolute necessity. Other factors such as Genes, existing health problems and the use of certain drugs may impair a person’s ability to get Vitamin D from the sun consequently making supplements the only viable alternative.

The seemingly mild façade of vitamins could harbour unsavoury consequences

Certain vitamins are retained in the body for extended periods, and they often have unsavoury ramifications on an individual’s health and wellbeing. Vitamin A, D, K and E are fat soluble vitamin which means they take longer to be removed from the body in comparison to water-soluble vitamins. Excessive vitamin A puts you at risk of bone-related complications, and there is a correlation between vitamin E and a heightened chance of cardiovascular complications.

While water-soluble are less risky that fat-soluble vitamins because they are easily removed from the body by drinking water, water-soluble vitamin still poses particular threats to your health. Excessive intake of Vitamin C without consuming adequate water can trigger excessively frequent bowel movement and queasiness. Vitamin C is not safe for individuals that are susceptible to kidney stones as it could exacerbate the problem. While Vitamin B6 is beneficial, it has to be ingested in moderation by nursing mothers and pregnant women.

While vitamin D is great for the body with many functions and benefits, excessive vitamin D supplement is almost as damaging as a shortage.
More so, there is the problem of drug interaction which could occur when you take certain vitamins alongside certain drugs. For instance, it could be life-threatening to ingest vitamin K while you are taking thrombolytic drugs.

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