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Disclaimers and limitations

Disclaimers and limitations

New Life Genetics does not provide specific medical advice to its customers.  This is an information-only service, intended to help customers gain a better understanding of the health risks associated with their genotype.

This service does not include specific medical diagnosis or advice regarding your personal health and wellbeing.  This service is not intended as a substitute for seeking professional medical diagnosis, treatment or advice, from a suitably qualified medical practitioner.

The information supplied as a result of this test will not:

  • diagnose any disease or medical condition,
  • confirm, or replace any other diagnosis that you may have received from a healthcare professional, or
  • identify any existing medical conditions.

New Life Genetics urges anyone with health concerns to discuss these with their General Practitioner, or other suitably qualified healthcare practitioner.

The information provided by New Life Genetics as a result of this test, is neither comprehensive nor absolute, and may not be applicable to individual circumstances.  Customers must be aware that scientific understanding and technologies change over time, and therefore the information provided by New Life Genetics may become inaccurate or outdated at any time.

Your report will contain the full extent of information to be provided to you under this agreement. New Life Genetics will not enter into any further feedback, information, or updates once the report has been delivered to you, unless a separate arrangement for updates regarding new developments has been entered into prior to the testing taking place.

New Life Genetics will not provide any warranty or guarantee, either expressly or implied, that this service will meet your full requirements or expectations. No written or oral correspondence can be considered to constitute a warranty or guarantee for the services provided by New Life Genetics.

Genetics and environment

The genetic testing used by New Life Genetics is usually very accurate, however customers must be aware that genetic markers can often be influenced by environmental conditions and lifestyle factors, including, but not limited to:

  • alcohol consumption,
  • smoking, and
  • food choices.

New Life Genetics do not guarantee the effectiveness of any operation, procedure or treatment, opinion, advice or other information that may be connected to, or mentioned on our website or available through our service.

Terms of Service

By purchasing this service and sending your samples to New Life Genetics, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

I confirm that I am eighteen (18) years of age, or older at the time the saliva sample is taken.

I confirm that any sample I provide is my own saliva, or if agreeing to these Terms of Service on behalf of someone for whom I have legal responsibility, I confirm that the sample provided will be the sample of that person.

I understand the information above and am aware that New Life Genetics testing will not diagnose, prevent, or treat any medical condition or disease, nor will it indicate the state of my health.

I understand that the New Life Genetics services are intended for informational purposes only, and that whilst the testing may indicate some information regarding potential medical conditions, I will not make any decisions regarding my health and wellbeing as a result of these tests, and will consult a suitably qualified medical professional to discuss any concerns or issues.

I give permission to New Life Genetics and its contractors to perform genotyping services on the DNA extracted from my saliva sample that I have provided.

I specifically request New Life Genetics disclose the results of tests performed on my DNA only to myself and to others that I have specifically authorised.

I agree that any saliva sample provided, and all resulting data, may be transferred to and/or processed outside my country of residence.

I confirm that I am not representing an insurance company or an employer attempting to obtain information about an insured person or employee.

I am aware that some of the information I receive as a result of this test could potentially be upsetting, or provoke strong emotion.

I take responsibility for all possible consequences resulting from the sharing of my genetic information with others.

I agree for my personal information to be stored in New Life Genetics’s databases and understand that it will be processed in accordance with the New Life Genetics Privacy Statement.

I agree that I have the authority, under the laws of my country of residence, to agree to these Terms of Service.

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