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  • The newest 2016 science and technology in DNA testing. Done by leading DNA Sciencetists.
  • Come to know your, maybe hidden skills and talents,
  • No more “believes”, but del with the actually facts.
  • Get knowledge and tools to power possible weaker sides of your genetics

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$ 217.25 excl. VATAdd to cart


 Genes don’t change – DNA test results is for life

Easy self test – right to your doorstep

All DNA tests are 100% annonymuos


With the TALENT test you will discover not only the scale of your potential (intellectual, physical and mental), but also ways to improve your weaknesses. This knowledge will help you make decisions in accordance with your abilities, e.g. the direction of your education as well as to plan or change your career path. You will also learn which groups of your interests should you develop and what sports to play to succeed. In essence, it’s a way to see what hidden talents there are in your DNA.
In the psychological part of this test we define the genetics of major neurotransmitters and proteins that affect the functioning of the brain: dopamine, BDNF neurotrophins, KIBRA protein and oxytocin. In the part dedicated to predispositions in sports we define the genotype of a particle which in cells controls the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats (PPARGC1A), and a protein that contributes to the construction of muscles and influences their structure (ACTN3).

Detailed information available after you complete this test:
•    how genetics affects your personality,
•    in which direction you should develop your talents,
•    what abilities will help you make decisions,
•    how your genes affect your ability to focus attention and the speed of learning,
•    how your verbal talent works (ability to use the word)
•    what your potential for learning foreign languages is,
•    how genes influence the development of your relations with other people,
•    how your body responds to exercise,
•    how genes determine your sense of direction,
•    what energy resources you have and how quickly they are consumed,
•    how genes affect your muscles and how it translates to the selection of the forms of training,
whether you have the so-called “sprinter gene” or rather the “marathon runner gene”.

Tips you will get together with your test result refer to:
•    which professions and activities are recommended for people with a genotype such as yours,
•    how to motivate yourself effectively,
•    how to defend yourself against negative emotions or which defensive mechanisms may dominate in you,
•    how to control emotions and effectively interpret the emotions of others,
•    what patterns of upbringing apply to children depending on their genotype,
•    how you can improve your brain function while having a specific genotype,
•    how to strengthen your physical fitness in line with your own genotype,
•    what to look for when playing most popular sports (such as running, football).


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It’s easy, and requires no special skills. Just made by a simple swipe testing method.



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