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Genetic Talent testing

Developed by leading genetic scientists and doctors, this test heralds the most innovative approach currently available in this enthralling field of science and technology. Revealed to you will be talents and skills that have been lying dormant, or that you’ve merely suspected have been there.

This talent test will unlock the full scale of your physical, mental and intellectual potential to help you overcome any weaknesses and deficiencies in your genetic make-up.  This knowledge will enable you to make decisions in accordance with your abilities. For example, the educational path more suited to your genes or the career option in which you may find more success. You will acquire the ability to discern your true interests and even aptitude in the field of sports. In essence, this DNA test will expose in detail which talents are hidden within your genes.
In the psychological part of this test, we define the genetics of major neurotransmitters and proteins that affect the functioning of the brain: dopamine, BDNF neurotrophins, KIBRA protein and oxytocin.  In the section dedicated to predispositions in sports, we define the genotype which, in cells, controls the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats (PPARGCIA) and proteins that contribute to the construction of muscles and that influences their structure. (ACTN3).

Talent testing for kids, children, baby and adults. Talent tests also for music and sport talents

The Talent DNA Test will reveal:

  • Whether your variant of the ACTN3 gene supports fast-twitch or slow-twitch fibres within your muscles. Learn what this means for your sporting ability and how this affects your potential in certain sports.
  • Recommendations for training techniques in sports and exercise tailored to your personal genotype, and appropriate dietary guidelines to support your training.
  • The role of the neurotransmitter oxytocin on personality, mood and social skills. Learn how your specific oxytocin receptor influences you as a person, and recognise the steps you can take to support this.
  • How the KIBRA protein impacts verbal communications skills, and whether you carry favourable genetic variants, or whether you are more predisposed to language difficulties and dyslexia.
  • Measures that can be taken to improve episodic memory and the ability to improve communication skills, including which foods can help your cause.
  • Whether you are genetically predisposed to superior motor talents. Different variants of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) can impact areas such as memory and special orientation, which can aid you in every day tasks such as driving a car.
  • How your variant of the COMT gene influences susceptibility to stress and your ability to cope with stressful situations. For example, the AA variant known as ‘sensitive explorer’ is linked with greater emotional sensitivity, whereas the GG variant known as ‘warrior’ is linked with lower sensitivity and a greater resistance to addiction.
  • Which career roles, social situations and activities could be more or less suitable depending on the above mentioned characteristics of stress-related gene variants.
  • How the PPARGC1A gene impacts energy metabolism, what affect this has on your sporting ability, and measures you can take to help achieve your full sporting potential.

The information and advice you will receive, together with your test results, include:

  • Which professions and activities are recommended for people with your genotype.
  • How to motivate yourself efficiently and effectively.
  • How to defend yourself against negative emotions or which defensive mechanisms may be dominant in you.
  • How to control emotions and effectively interpret the emotions of others.
  • Which patterns of upbringing apply to children, dependent and determined by their genotype.
  • How you can improve your brain function specific to your genotype.
  • How to strengthen your physical fitness in line with your gene variants.
  • Which skills you can harness when participating in sports such as athletics or football.

DNA TALENT TEST  •  Price € 219,00

Simple DNA saliva home testGenetic Talent test DNA testing saliva home. Talents kids baby adults.

Our DNA test harnesses the latest technology and the non-invasive saliva test kit is easy to use, 100% safe, and takes no longer than five minutes. Once the saliva sample has been obtained, simply re-pack into our easy and prepaid return envelope and put it in the post box.

Personal Talent DNA test report

After our laboratory has completed your DNA Talent test, you will receive an e-mail with a link directly to your personal DNA report online, which will be password protected. Here you are able to read the report online and you can also download the report as PDF, to access at any time. Read more about our privacy and security.

Our DNA test reports are at present available in English & Danish.

Thie talent report is typically between 12 and 15 pages, depending on the genotype.

DNA Talent tests online - Best DNA home testing for Talent

DNA Talent test recommended for

Children (4+)

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